June 25, 2012

The Rosie Taylor Project may be one of the softer bands I’ve talked about thus far. While I would still consider them indie pop, they’re far from the jangly-happy-pop I usually listen to and instead put out a more melancholy chamber pop sound. Think of British Death Cab For Cutie or Belle and Sebastian’s slower stuff. This past February, the band released their latest album Twin Beds¬†on Despite the fact that this isn’t the type of album I personally would listen on casual car drives (save for a couple of tracks with more upbeat tempos), I would still say it’s very good. Vocals are soft yet not lacking power and the album capitalize on perfect dashes of moving brass. The next opportunity you have to cuddle up with a loved one, play this record and thank me later. Attached is the video for my favorite song off the album, “Every Morning (And For The Rest Of Our Lives)” and I must say this is one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while.

Buy the album here. The Rosie Taylor Project will be playing at Indietracks on July 7 on the Indoor Stage.